Guise, Mrs. Dianna


My name is Dianna Guise and I am one of the Gifted Support Teachers at Central York High School. I am in Room 620 everyday of the school week and I am available to help all of the gifted students at the high school. I am also Science Fair Coordinator and Quiz Bowl coach.

Parents, please contact me at any time by phone or email with any question, concern or suggestion regarding your child's education.

Dianna Guise
Your Partner in Education

Meet with Mrs. Guise anytime to discuss Science Fair ideas for next year.

More Science Fun:
Our spice rack

Telescope with solar filter - ready for the Solar Eclipse which will happen on August 21, 2017.
More Social Studies fun:
Connor models a Medieval helmet.

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Seven students participated in the 2017 York County Science and Engineering Fair. They are: Palmer Pesta, Hannah Kibler, Keertana Davuluri, Daniella Feistritzer, Patrick Rehmeyer, Benjamin Cunningham, Julia Eaton (not pictured).

ScFair 2017

Royal Society of York

Three events were presented this year by students under the auspices of our classroom initiative "The Royal Society of York."

Daniella Feistritzer presented "How Language Changes and Grows," featuring clips from the movie "My Fair Lady."

Daniell presented a second program titled, "Dimensions," featuring clips from The Elegant Universe by  popular physicist Brian Green. Just as "strings" are hidden from our view, students enjoyed finding images in Magic Eye pictures, which are hidden from view until closer inspection is made.

Benjamin Cunningham presented a program titled "Paradoxes," with a focus on Zeno's Paradox.