Internship opportunities are available for juniors and seniors who wish to explore a career field (s) prior to completing high school.  Internships in the education field are five days a week at the designated block for internship.  Business internships are usually two or three days a week for a minimum time of six hours per week.  Students have the opportunity to explore the career field in much more detail than a half-day or one day job shadow.  Students that know this is the career field they want to pursue get a “jump start” in their learning of the field by starting while still in high school. 

Students must be in “good standing” with the school as defined as a GPA of at least 2.5 for education internships and 2.0 for business internships, good behavior reports and good attendance reports. 

Students complete a weekly journal, blog or googledoc for the Career Counselor to review.  Questions are provided for the students to explore or the student can design their own questions prior to the start of the internship for approval. 

The grading system for internships is Exc-Excellent, S-Satisfactory, or U-Unsatisfactory.  Students receive a grade each marking period they are enrolled in the internship.

Pre-internship forms are required and can be picked up in the Career Center for completion prior to their appointment with the Career Counselor.