Career Exploration Programs

Career Exploration Programs

YCAL’s Career Exploration Programs are after school programs that provide York County high school sophomores, juniors and seniors hands-on experience, preparation and guidance for their future careers.  Each program meets after school on a consistent basis and focuses on a career pathway.  Business representatives attend each meeting and guide students by answering questions and monitoring progress.  Dinner is provided for the students.  A culminating project is featured at the end of each program to showcase the knowledge gained throughout the program. 


Accounting-  In  this program, you will learn how accounting is an everyday business necessity and how different businesses use the art of accounting.


Actuarial-  Day Event-  Actuarial science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, finance and other industries and professions.


Agriculture-  This program will highlight sustainable farming practices, ecology and greenhouses.  Students will have hands on opportunities to plan a farm, select seeds, and use a squirrel tail oven and more.


Architecture, Engineering and Construction-ACE Design- This program provides career direction for students in the areas of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and architectural engineering.  You will tour businesses and work in groups to design a fun culminating project. 


Architecture, Engineering and Construction- ACE Skilled Trades- This hands-on program is for students interested in skilled trades, including plumbing, carpentry, masonry/concrete design and site works/excavation.


Arts-  Do you have a passion for art?  Then this program is for you!  This program has been developed to inspire, inform and prepare you for displaying, networking, marketing and selling your artwork.


Creative Careers:  Your Future by Design-  Day Event- Creativity, imagination and problem solving are crucial 21st century skills needed in the knowledge-based economy.  Students will learn Design Thinking as an approach to addressing challenges in a thoughtful and fun way modeled on Stanford University d. School methodology.  YorkArts’ Creative Careers program seeks to better prepare the next generation of thought leaders, innovators and workforce of our community.  Note:  This course is not just for artists…it is for people who like art, the creative process AND students with interests and goals that may go beyond the art world.


Culinary-  Do you have a passion for food?  Do you dream of becoming a chef?  Learn the basics of Culinary Arts.  You will work individually and in groups to learn different techniques used in professional kitchens today.


Entrepreneurship-  Are you interested in starting your own business someday?  If so, this is the program for you!  Join other students from York County for challenging informational sessions from which you will form teams to prepare for a business plan competition. 


Financial Services-  This program is designed to introduce you to the world of banking in a fun, upbeat learning way.  You will interact with local bankers and work in groups as you learn more about banking.


Health Care Management-  Future Community Health Care Leaders will be introduced to emerging changes in Health Care from new technologies to the concept of “population health.”  Individual sessions will focus on care coordination across the entire healthcare delivery system and in the community while using information and medical technologies to enhance care.


Hospitality-  Day Event- The program will provide you with a fun, hands-on learning approach in hotels, restaurants, catering, golf courses, snow tubing, marketing efforts, and a behind the scenes look at Heritage Hills.  A great opportunity for all students!


Human Services-  Gain insight into human service careers, get a clearer picture of the struggles facing many community members, find out about services available to residents in York County, and learn about  the Human Services Division.


Information Technology-  This program will inform and educate you on Information Technology (IT) careers.  Each session will involve a different aspect of the computing field and will feature a short demonstration and hands-on portion. 


Insurance-  This interactive program will open your eyes to the insurance industry.  Careers in insurance include:  Underwriting, Claims, Customer Service, Sales, Risk Management, Actuarial Science, Accounting/Finance, and many more.


Law-  Do you want to be a lawyer?  Then do not miss this opportunity!  The program will allow you to learn more about the practice of law, including estate law, business law, real estate closings, and more.


Manufacturing-  Do you enjoy putting projects together?  If so this program is for you!  You will be able to see how items start out in raw materials and are manufactured into something we use everyday.  This program will cover purchasing, engineering, quality, safety and other exciting topics. 


Medical Assistant-  Students will learn the basics required to work as a Medical Assistant.  This program will cover phlebotomy, taking vitals, first aid, eye irrigation and more.