NHS Information

PRESIDENT: Shakaib Tariq

VICE PRESIDENT: Katherine Fonda

TREASURER: McKenna Johnston


HISTORIAN: Daniel Risser


ADVISERS: Mrs. Andrea Unger and Mr. Richard Batz




• Academically eligible juniors and seniors pursuing membership will supply the Faculty Council with completed information forms that will include evidence of character, service, and leadership.

• The Faculty Council will solicit information from the faculty and school officials.

• The Faculty Council will review all forms and gathered information in order to ascertain if the student meets all criteria.

• A majority vote by the Faculty Council secures selection.

• The advisers or the principal will meet with unsuccessful candidates to discuss reasons for non-selection.

• Selected students will be notified.

• Any appeals to the Faculty Council's decision must be directed to the building principal. Only technical or procedural errors will be considered.

• Letters of selection will be sent to parents.

• Students are inducted into the National Honor Society at a formal induction ceremony held in October or November.


It is understood that, "Parents and students must understand that no student has a right to be selected for membership in a chapter of the National Honor Society" page 35 of NASSP handbook (50th ed.).

Past Presidents:

2017-18 - Lauren Yankanich

2016-17 - Noah Dusich

2015-16 - Alexander Feistritzer

2014-15 - Alexa Gingerich

2013-14 - Yamini Narayan

2012-13 - Devki Gami

2011-12 - Chelsea Zortman

2010-11 - Gabriella Ravida

2009-10 - Alesia Knott

2008-09 - Katie Mills

2007-08 - Ahra Kwon

2006-07 - Devin Fortney

2005-06 - Jonathan Lichkus

2004-05 - Jamie Raab