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Altered Schedule for keystone testing

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Keystone exams that were planned for this past May will take place from October 5th through October 9th.

The PA Department of Education requires that all students in Algebra 1, English II, and Biology take the Keystone Exam upon course completion.  The Keystone exams are used as one of the options to meet graduation requirements for the Class of 2022 and beyond.  Per PDE, students who were taking one of the above classes in the Spring of 2020 are to be offered the option of taking the Keystone exams during the testing window below.

Please note, that if a child is opted out of these exams, he/she would still need to meet one of the alternate pathways to meeting graduation requirements.

Click here to view the alternate bell schedule

work permit procedures for students

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, you may follow the modified steps in the attached document below to obtain a work permit from Central York High School.   This process does take longer to receive your permit, but will allow you to have a zero contact experience.

If you prefer, or if you need the permit quickly, we are once again available to issue Work Permits in the Main Office of the high school.  You will need to bring: Your student, Your student's guardian, The Guardian's Identification, and the student's original birth certificate, passport, or driver's license.

If you should have any additional questions please contact Dr. Potteiger at 717-846-6789 x1301 or by email

Steps to Obtain A Work Permit


Keystone Preparation Help

Due to the pandemic, the English 10, Algebra 1, and Biology Keystone exams that were scheduled to take place in May of our last school year will now take place in October.  Because a significant amount of time has passed since students took these Keystone classes, all students should refresh their skills before taking the tests in October.

Please access the following documents in preparation to take your Keystones.

Keystone Preparation Help Page


mansfield university early start program

Beginning with the Summer II session, Central York High School students will have the opportunity to take online college courses through Mansfield University.  Students must have completed 10th grade and earned a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 to be eligible.  Starting in Fall 2020, current 10th grade students will also be eligible to take college classes through Mansfield.

Completed courses will be placed on the student’s transcript with a grade of Excellent, Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory. These courses will count for high school credit but will not be calculated into the student’s GPA.

For more information, visit and see attached flyer

ESP Promotional Flyer 200212.pdf

Dual enrollment information - summer/Fall 2020

Please use the following links for more information regarding dual enrollment classes for Spring 2020, as well as for the links to register:

CYHS Dual Enrollment Information

Penn State
York College


2020-2021 High School Bell Schedules


CLC: 7:45 - 8:00
Period 1: 8:04 - 9:19
Period 2: 9:23 -10:38
Period 3: 10:38 - 12:38
Lunches: "A" Lunch:  10:38 - 11:08
"B" Lunch:  11:08 - 11:38
"C" Lunch:  11:38 - 12:08
"D" Lunch:  12:08 - 12:38
Period 4:   12:42 - 1:57
FLEX: 2:01 - 2:46


Period 1: 7:45-8:41
Period 2:  8:45 - 9:36
Period 3:   9:40 - 10:31
Period 4: 10:35 - 11:30
No CLC or Flex on Act 80 Days


Period 1: 9:45-10:41
Period 2: 10:45-11:41
Period 3: 11:45-1:41
Lunches A  11:41-12:11
B  12:11-12:41
C  12:41-1:11
D  1:11-1:41
Period 4: 1:45-2:46

No CLC or Flex on a 2-Hour Delay Schedule

School Attendance Decision trees and video

Not sure if your child is well enough to attend school today?  The charts below can help you determine if it is safe to send your student to school.  

School Attendance Decision Tree
Árbol de Decisión de Asistencia Escolar
CYSD Symptom Screening Tool

Back to school paperwork for remote learners

The following paperwork must be completed by all students who attend CYHS, whether they have chosen to attend in-person classes or have chosen to attend remotely.  Brick & Mortar students will get these papers on the first day of school.  All other students should complete the following and either email them to or fax them to (717) 840-2705.

**The Student Emergency Information should be completed in Skyward
Student Health History Form
Student/Parent Handbook & Public Relations Release Form
Senior Release Form

E-News from Central york High School

Please click on the following link(s) to view the CYHS E-News.

CYHS E-News Archives

A copy of the E-News will be delivered each month through the Skyward System.  A copy will be sent to each student and each parent/guardian who receives updates through the Skyward System.  If you need to register for Skyward, please contact the administration building at (717) 846-6789 x1212.

device insurance information

Please click on the following link(s) to purchase device insurance for your student's laptop.

CYSD Device Insurance

You will need access to your Skyward account to purchase the insurance.  If you do not have access to Skyward, or would prefer to not pay online - we can accept payment in the High School's Main Office.


CYHS Highlights 

Please click on the following link(s) to view the 2019-2020 School Year educational highlights from Central York High School.

CYHS Highlights 2019-2020

Contact the High School Administration

Principal, Ryan Caufman
(Active Military Leave)

Associate Principal, David Czarnecki

Assistant Principal, Gregory Potteiger
Grade 11
Grade 12 - Last Names A-K

Assistant Principal, Gerald Eisner
Grade 9

Assistant Principal, Jeffrey Hamme
Grade 10
Grade 12 - Last Names L-Z

How to Find Us