Career Opportunities for Animal Lovers

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Love working with animals? Maybe you've always been the one who knew all the names of the neighborhood pets, had pets of your own or were fascinated with animals in the zoo or aquarium. And now that you're older, you have developed a love of science, too.

A love of animals and a love of science are the perfect combination to pursue a career with animals. While you probably have heard about careers for veterinarians , you may also want to check out the careers of veterinary technicians (click here to search for vet tech schools ) and veterinary assistants/animal care workers .

If these careers really are of interest to you, think about what you can do during high school to get ready: take your science and math courses VERY seriously, volunteer at the local SPCA or veterinary hospital, look for a part-time job where you can work with animals -- like at a pet store, dog groomer, kennel, petting zoo or horse farm!