Spanish V


TLW The student will be able to express himself/herself in Spanish by having oral practice every day through a variety of assignments. They will also learn about the famous Epic poem “El Cantar de Mio Cid” from the Middle Ages in Spain.



Monday (2/15) Day 4: (1) Discuss chapters 14-15 and go over the questions on pp. 25, 26. (2) Read other classmates’ letters and respond to them. (3) Time to work on current event for this Friday.

Práctica oral: ¿Qué hiciste este fin de semana? 

Tuesday (2/16) Day 5: (1) Read chapters 16-17, pp. 27 and discuss. (2) Do questions on pp. 28-29 and go over it.

Práctica oral: Usando el presente perfecto habla de las cosas que has hecho en la escuela desde el séptimo grado hasta el presente.

Wednesday (2/17) Day 6: (1) Begin watching “El Cid” and have students take notes of differences and similarities to use later on a comparison paper. (2) Start completing the movie WS.

Práctica oral: Habla de tu horario de escuela este semestre. ¿Te gustan o no? Nombra a los profesore y ¿a qué hora son las clases?

Thursday (2/18) Day 1: (1) Continue with the movie “El Cid”.

Práctica oral: Hablar de lo que quieras.

Friday (2/19) Day 2: (1) Noticia de la semana #4. (2) Finish movie and begin comparison paper.