Locker Clean Out

It's that time of year, time to clean out lockers and get ready for next year.  All students in grades 9-11 were assigned a locker.  Even if you can't remember using your locker, please check to make sure it is completely empty.  It is your responsibility to remove all items from your locker.  You will be held responsible if your locker remains locked or has not been cleaned out. If you don't remember where your locker is, or what the combination is, see your advisor.

In past years, Central students threw out several tons of trash while cleaning their lockers.  You don't want your trash sitting in a landfill decades after you graduate, do you ?!? 

This year, we are asking everyone to sort through the stuff they don't want so that we can save anything that can be reused or recycled. With your help, we can all make a difference - so please be a part of this positive change!


Here's how it will work: 

There will be several bins placed near the lockers, just outside the teacher work areas.  Each bin will be used to sort various items.

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Blue Cans:  Recycle  

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The blue cans are for recyclable items (these bins should be used the most).  All recyclable items should be placed in the blue bins.  These include: office/notebook paper, empty plastic bottles and aluminum cans, newspapers, cardboard, and magazines/catalogs . Please do not put trash like chewing gum in the blue bins; doing so will cause all of the items in the bin to be thrown away. 


Gray CansTrash

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These are for trash (these cans should be used the least).  Only items that cannot be recycled or reused should be thrown away.  Items that should be trashed include: Food wrappers, food, plastic bags, anything broken / worn out.

*REMEMBER* No class handouts / homework should be thrown in the trash, they should be recycled.  If you throw out a broken notebook, make sure you recycle the paper first! 


Green Tubs: Reuse  

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If you have something that you no longer want that isn't trash, please donate it so others will be able to use it.

There are three rows of green tubs for reusable items. 

They are labeled as follows: 

  1. Shoes / Clothing (coats, shirts, pants, shoes, etc.)  NO underwear or swimsuits
  2. Books (both library books and text books)
  3. School supplies (notebooks, school bags, locks, etc.)  

Please remember to clean out any books / notebooks before putting them in a bin!  Do your part, remove and recycle the paper first!

If you do not want your lock, give it to a teacher: Masking tape and markers will be just inside the door of each teacher work area on the end closest to the atrium. Write the combination on a piece of masking tape and put the tape on the lock before it is placed in the school supplies bin.  If the lock takes a key, tape the key to the lock before placing it in a bin. 


If your locker is at the far end of the hall please take your items the nearest group of bins. 


If you have a question about what gets recycled and what gets tossed, just ask a teacher, they will be in the hall to answer any questions you may have. 

  Thanks for all your help!