Biechler, Mrs. Justine

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Algebra I

(Co-taught with Mrs. Grogg)
Period 1

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(Co-taught with Mrs. Beinhower)
Period 2

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Math I

Period 3

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This course is based on an Algebra 1 course and is the study of equations, graphs, situations, and the way they are tied together. It is considered the foundation for higher level math and the techniques and procedures learned here will be used over and over in geometry, algebra 2, and beyond. We will focus on solving and graphing equations and inequalities of both a linear and nonlinear variety. We will also focus on supporting each student in maintaining and growing with their math goals.

Since this is based off of an Algebra 1 course and Algebra I is a Keystone course with a state created standardized assessment, students will be taking this assessment at the end of the course. Current and future 9th graders will need to pass it in order to graduate.

Unit 1: Functions
Unit 2: Linear Relationships
Unit 3: Simplifying and Solving
Unit 4: System of Equations
Unit 5/6: Sequences and Best Fit Lines
Unit 7: Exponential Functions
Unit 8: Quadratic Functions
Unit 9: Solving Quadratics and Inequalities

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